We like to awake emotions throught shows that nourishes curiosity, enrich the imaginary, recreate new settings, explore limits. We like that each show turns into a unique experience. For that reason we look for newness, surprise, adventure, play, originality. And we do it very close to the audicence, all audiences.

IMAGINART is a company that creates, produces and distributes unique shows for all audiences and especially childre’ns audiences. Own productions created by a tireless , imaginative, passionate, team; comissioned and co-productions with the main theatres of the country; collaboration with European reference companies and internacionalization, to arrive farther. Imaginart also directs and/or produces performing arts festival, upon which it lends its very demanding standards and rigorousness, as well as the commitment to uniqueness that characterises the company.




Imaginart makes a step forward internationalization throught distribution licenses for our shows, or “audiovisual experiences” as we like to call them, around the world

We are currently in:

Canada and EEUU with Sensacional
PLA'C'ART. Québec
Chantal Cimon. Director
T.4 18.780.3699

United Kingdom with Sensacional
Unicorn Theatre (Londres)
Purni Morell. Director
Carolyn Forsyth. Production
T. 020 7645 0512

If you are interested in obtaining a license for any of our events please contact us.



C. del Sol, 167 entresol 2a.
08201 Sabadell (Spain)
Phone: +34 93 745 96 54

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Distribution and production
Isabel Urpí:
Gemma Cascón:
Jordi Ferreras:

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