Planeta KA

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KA, an unknown planet. A mountainous area of soft colours and textures, with craters, caves and hidden places full of surprises. An explorer gradually discovers this mysterious land. He walks over the uneven surfaces, follows the contours and invites children to follow him.
Planeta KA offers children a very special experience to discover their environment: different textures, uneven surfaces, caves and secret spaces, slopes to climb or from where to fall freely, sound and visual effects that set in motion when children appear...
A show plus sensory installation for children aged 1 to 3 years old.

Artistic credits

Idea and direction:
Jordi Colominas
Artistic direction:
Carles Porta
Iera Delp
Neus Canalias
Jordi Mas
Music composition and sound environments:
Josep Maria Baldoma / Baldomusic
Lighting design:
Miki Arbizu / StageLab
Sound and visual effects:
Sergio Sisqués / StageLab
Making and building:
Teresa Ortega, Juan Manuel Recio / La Baldufa
Executive production:
Jordi Valls and Isabel Urpí

A coproduction by the festival El més petit de tots and Imaginart. Thanks to the collaboration of La Baldufa and LaSala/Sabadell.

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