Buchettino is the Italian and stage version of Tom Thumb’s story. A show that makes the stage become a sound board of everything that is narrated there, sharpens the auditory perception of the audience, invents again the wonderful realm of storytelling. An intense theatre experience for all audiences from 8 years old onwards.
Spectators enter a cosy dormitory at twilight. A thin shaft of light illuminates the room. Senses become more acute, imagination starts to fly. Each spectator makes oneself comfortable under the sheets of a small bed…, and the show gets underway.
Buchettino is a show created by the Italian company Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio that has fascinated the audience of the international stage with its predominantly visual and plastic vision of theatre.

Artistic credits

Chiara Guidi
Romeo Castellucci
Text adaptation:
Claudia Castellucci
Ariadna Ausio
Alba Sola
Noise technicians:
Federico Lepri, Carmen Castellucci
Sound technician:
Paolo Baldini
Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, with the cooperation of the Teatro Bonci in Cesena (Italy)
Production of the Catalan version:
Teatre Lliure

Documents to download

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